What’s in the network box and what does it do?2017-05-10T17:20:02+00:00

Please visit transparentcable.com or view this brief video about Transparent Technology

Why do I need to spend so much on cable?2017-05-10T17:18:18+00:00

Transparent products are hand-built one at a time. They are purpose built and precision designed and manufactured to be highly reliable and offer tremendous performance value at each price point. In fact, every cable shares the technology of our highest level products.

Most inexpensive cables are not hand built with the highest quality connectors and terminations. Less expensive cable is typically constructed of very inexpensive, off-the-shelf, generic wire that has not been optimized for its application.

For about a $100, you can try a Transparent The Link Interconnect or a Performance USB or HDMI cable to find out first hand what Transparent quality is all about. We are confident you will be amazed with the results

What is break in and how long should I break in Transparent cables?2017-05-10T17:20:33+00:00

Because your cables are well constructed and have been designed from the ground up to help you achieve the kind of balance in your system that will help you get the most musical enjoyment possible, they all sound great out of the box. Letting your cables burn in for a day or 2 will only improve the ability of the cables to transfer all the music you feed them.

What is the most significant product I should buy when ju