PowerWave 10 Power Conditioner

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PowerWave 10 Power Conditioner


PowerWave 10 approaches the performance of PowerIsolator 8, but in a more affordable and versatile format. With 10 outlets and 3 source surge protection inputs, it can serve the needs of any higher quality music or film system.

“Transparent [is] a front-line player in the world of surge protection/power conditioning.” — CEPro Magazine

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  • 10 high-current, grounded, noise-filtered, surge protected USA outlets.
  • 5 individually-filtered outlet banks for extra isolation.
  • All 5 outlet banks offer identical performance with any audio or video component, including power amplifiers.
  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum chassis with more substantial internal bracing than PowerWave 8.
  • Surge protection for 2 coaxial sources (tuner, CATV, satellite) and 1 gigabit network source.
  • Detachable high-current Performance Power Cord
  • Replace PPC with a higher-performing Transparent power cord for an upgrade.
  • Choose High Performance Power Cords or better for connected components to provide the full benefits of PowerWave 10 performance.
  • 2 rack spaces high