PowerWave 8 Power Conditioner

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PowerWave 8 Power Conditioner


PowerWave 8 is Transparent’s most affordable power conditioning and surge protection component for high quality basic systems. With a more than fair measure of PowerIsolator and damping technologies, PowerWave 8 provides a level of performance others in its price range can’t beat. PowerWave 8 features high current hard wiring, no current limiting, and lightning fast Transparent Surge Protection that will never wear out. Power Isolator Technology (optimizing power factor) trickles down from PowerIsolator Gen5 to all levels of Transparent Power Conditioners.

PowerWave 8 is upgradeable through authorized Transparent dealers to any PowerIsolator Power Conditioner.

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  • 8 high-current, grounded, noise-filtered, surge protected USA outlets.
  • Surge protection for 1 coaxial source (tuner, CATV, satellite) and 1 telephone line.
  • Avalanche diode surge protection never wears out
  • All 8 outlets offer identical high current performance with any audio or video component, including power amplifiers.
  • Extruded aluminum chassis and internal bracing fight background noise and vibrations.
  • Detachable high-current Performance Power Cord.
  • Replace the Performance Power Cord with a higher-performing Transparent power cord for an upgrade.
  • Choose Performance Power Cords or better for connected components to provide the full benefits of PowerWave 8 performance.
  • Covered by Transparent’s Connected Equipment Warranty
  • 2 rack spaces high