Plug-In Network Protector

///Plug-In Network Protector

Plug-In Network Protector


Superior wide bandwidth surge protection for every high-speed Ethernet feed. Plugs dierectly into a grounded 120V USA wall outlet.

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  • Transparent’s Plug-In Network Protector gives full protection to a network feed. Add a Network Protector to each Ethernet line at your location.
  • Superior wide bandwidth surge protection for high-speed 10BaseT Ethernet.
  • Ideal surge protection for CAT 5 runs to home automation keypads and other exterior control units.
  • Simple installation: Plug directly into a grounded 120V U.S. wall outlet, then connect Ethernet cables to the sockets. Note: Transparent Network Protector is bidirectional – no need to plug cables into specific sockets. 8 pins protected.
  • LEDs give instantaneous indication of POWER ON, PROTECTION ACTIVE, and LINE FAULT.