Power Up with the New REFERENCE and XL Power Cords

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Power Delivery on the Cutting Edge

What Transparent learned in the development of Generation 5 Audio Cables has led to a series of breakthroughs that unleash power cord performance.

REFERENCE and XL Power Cords enable your components to deliver fuller, deeper tonal balance with more extension at either end of the musical spectrum and to produce dynamics on a totally new level of musical realism.

New Cable, Connection, and Network Technologies

REFERENCE and XL Power Cord showcase the latest in material sourcing and assembly technology. The debut of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) network module housings conveys the solidity and resonance minimizing benefits of OPUS-level carbon fiber at a fraction of the cost.

Extremely tight, precision-wound, OFHC conductors and uniform, pressure extruded insulation hold all elements firmly in place thereby preserving the intended electrical properties of these 2 new power cable designs.

During assembly at our Maine-based facility, experienced Transparent technicians retain cable and conductor geometry at the terminal points. New connector designs ensure tight-fitting contacts and vibration reduction.

A first for Transparent and for the audio industry, the networks on these two new offerings are finely calibrated to the length of the cord for ideal, low noise, power transfer characteristics.